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    We will take YOU to our Crafting Universe





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    Get Anything Made

    Zillions of items for sale today, how many were made just for you?

    At UniKraf, our makers will craft with you to make anything—truly You-nique.


    We’re changing the rules.

    Buying on-needs is not a new concept; that’s how everything used to be. Now, big box stores, online retail giants, and warehouse discount chains have made boring standardization and low quality stuffs. We’re here to change the rules back. We're collaborating to craft IDEAS to be THINGS.

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    Your Crafting Journey

    sWe understand today’s world isn’t geared toward craftmanships. So we’ve made it as easy as possible for you: we find and connected to passionate makers from all over Yogyakarta and Central Java, showcase their portfolios, and assist with communication. All you have to do is decide what you want, and if you’re not sure, we can help with that too.


    Do you love Crafting? Are you passionate Maker?

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  • UniKraf's Tribes

    Which Tribe do you want to be Crafted, today?

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    Gadgets / Electronics

    From Flash-drive to Sound System, or anything electrically!

    Our Flash-drive made with the most ethical way; up-cycling timber waste as we can (or buying the certified timber), and local craftsmanship empowerment included. We'd surely eager to craft your Gadgets / Electronics ideas. Soon, we will published our Wireless Wooden Sound Systems.

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    Collections & Hobbies

    From timber waste become collectible cool stuffs!

    Fortunately, we are prototyping these most favorite product; UniDice. Wooden Dice Necklace for Universal purpose. We are widely open our hands to craft your own original ideas! Soon, we will published our Educational Toys for Toddlers.

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    Arms Stuff

    Heart-made on-demand Bracelets for you!

    We spare no expense to make sure everything runs smoothly., including your own personal Bracelets! We provides some materials to compiled into; woods, natural fibers, acrylics, resins, and so on (so many explorations!). Heart-made from our maker"s hands.

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    Boxes & Storage

    Yes, you need a cool organized storage for your daily life!

    We craft anything that stores your gorgeous things. From boxes to luggage, from up-cycling wood to organic leather, or synthetic ones if you are prefer the most guilty-free materials. We are ready to organizing your Crafts!

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    Fingers Things!

    Put them to your lovely sweet fingers, lovers!

    We are very ready to craft your lovely moments to be the most unforgettable ones!

    To the fullest, until the moon and back again to the Earth. Providing any materials, from timbers, natural stones, dried flowers, cold porcelains, resins, silver, gold, and so on.

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    Alive Jewelry

    From sweet geometrical earrings to kewl chokers!

    We pour some sweet souls into these jewelry. It looks like a match-making, they will choose whose the master that deserve to adopt them, personally. Curious, about them, eh? Please do not hesitate to ask us, as soon as possible.

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    Textiles & Fashion

    Yup, we have Textiles and Fashion Designers also!

    What is your preferences? Bohemian, vintage, ethnic, minimalist, or something? Just tell us what is your needs, we will made it. We have natural dyes, pattern designers, fashion stylist, and so on! Feel the collaborative experiences with us.

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    Amulets & Talismans

    Live to the fullest with Light & Love?

    Are you a spiritualist? Or are you light-workers? Can I craft something special for your own spiritual needs? From runes to tarots, lenormands to oracles. Thanka, japa-mala, incense sticks, and so on. Yes, we are on Kundalini fires to make it real, to the fullest.

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    Furniture & Home Decor

    From benches to desks, and all of their family.

    We love comfy furniture and home decorations. Trust us. Just tell what your urges and woosh woosh! We made it from our heart, only for You-niqueness.

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    Brand Identity & Packaging

    Stuck for Branding Ideas? Tell us!

    We born as eternal creative daredevils. And you know what, we have Branding Strategists that laterally thinking like rainbow dispenser!

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    Kitchen & Food Ware

    We use safe & sound finishing materials!

    Yes, all of our crafts, finished with natural & eatable finishing. Don't worry to ask us to craft your kitchen weapons and any food wares. Cutting boards, spoons and all of the whole family.

  • Our Makers

    Here's a bundle of spoiling troops of our crafting adventurers!

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    Talitha F. Azalia

    Peace Crafter

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    Zaidil Firza

    Mind-mapper​ Monkey

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    Camilla Okdriana

    Soul Designer

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    Saiful Bachri

    Jack of All Arts​

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    Rosita Wulaningtias

    Sun Dye Master

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    Safiera Dhea

    Cold Porcelain Artisan

    And many of us!

    Local Artisans, Crafters, Makers

    We are connected and collaborated with local Artisans, Crafters and Makers all over Yogyakarta & Central Java.

  • For Your Inquiries :

    Ruang Karsa No. 1 Jl. Kaliurang KM 22,5 RT 05 / RW 09, Sidorejo, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta